$100 Bounty: Create script or plugin that links Mumble to Discourse's user db

(Travis) #1

I would like my Mumble (Murmur) server to use my Discourse forum’s user and group information for authentication.

There is currently a python script that does exactly what I need but for phpBB. There are also others and some more information about these authenticators located on the Mumble wiki.

Creating a Discourse plugin is also an option. I’m not sure if the functionality is possible within Discourse’s plugin structure but I will leave that open to you.

There’s a thread on the Discourse forums with a lot of information about this issue along with some initial help with the Discourse user passwords.

This script should be able to be run and daemonized on our either our Mumble server or our Discourse server and connect to the other one via Digital Ocean’s private networking.

  • Users should use their username and password from Discourse to authenticate to Mumble.
  • Discourse’s user Groups should be accessible from Mumble’s ACL, e.g. @staff, @trust_level_1, etc.
  • The Mumble SuperUser should be kept in tact or should be set to a configurable user in the script.
  • Bonus: Support for user avatars and additional metadata like titles.

I would prefer a Ruby script since most of our tech is Ruby but I’m willing to accept other solutions to this problem.


  • functional script that links both Users and Groups from Discourse to Mumble (obviously)
  • a config file or config area of the script where values like ip can be set
  • detailed README with installation, running, and daemonization (unless written as a Discourse plugin) notes
  • suggested setup in terms of running it on the mumble server or discourse server

Here is the bounty page: Bountify | Create Ruby (others accepted) script that links Mumble to Discourse's user db

(Jeff Atwood) #2