2.7.0.beta5: Improved Invites, Auto-tag and auto-replace watched words, PM bulk operations and more

New features in 2.7.0.beta5

Improved Invites

We’ve overhauled the invite UX to make it quicker and easier to use. Invites can now be accessed via an improved interface on the user menu. Pending link and email invites are now displayed in a combined interface. Redeemed invites are displayed in chronological order, newest first. Non-staff users are now allowed to invite others by copying a link to share in addition to sending an email invite.

For more details, see Improve invite system.

Auto-tag and auto-replace watched words

Watched words are a powerful tool to automating actions on your site. This includes blocking posts, hiding content in posts, flagging posts, and requiring approval when they contain certain word(s).

Now, you can automatically apply tags to topics when they contain word(s). For example, add a fruit tag to topics that contain apple, orange, or tomato.


You now also automatically replace instances of words with other words, or links. For example, anytime someone says Google you can replace it with https://google.com or a popular search engine.

PM Bulk Operations

Need to delete a group of PMs? Or perhaps tag them? PMs now support bulk actions beyond archive and move to inbox. Plugins can also add bulk actions - for example if you use the assign plugin you’ll have access to bulk assigning PMs.

Improved spam user detection

We’ve improved the detection of suspicious new users on the site that fill out their bio and never post anything. These users will be added to the review queue for staff approval.

Mailing List Mode default disabled

Mailing list mode can generate significant email volume, especially on sites with a large user base. This can be unexpected for site owners who don’t realize users can turn on mailing list mode themselves. We now disable mailing list mode via site settings by default so sites don’t experience an unexpectedly large cost from outgoing email. Site owners that wish to allow mailing list mode on their site will need to uncheck disable mailing list mode in site setting.

Category moderator improvements

Category moderators can now pin and unpin topics within their assigned category.

JoyPixel aka. EmojiOne emoji set was removed

The licensing changes of JoyPixel mean we can no longer bundle the set, see: https://www.joypixels.com/licenses

Accessibility improvements

We’re always working to ensure that everyone on the internet can use Discourse, including those using assistive technology. To that end, this release includes additional accessibility improvements based on a recent audit we underwent.

  • Switch tabs using the keyboard
  • Improve the header menu “view all” title.
  • Deselect focused choice when using enter in multi-select
  • Gives autocomplete in search a more accessible name
  • Makes other and color, fieldset/legend elements
  • Makes edit username and avatar accessible
  • Ensures avatar image in site header has alt attribute

Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta includes 1 security fix for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Prefer Loofah for processing cooked HTML

Plugin improvements

Many plugins

  • Bug fix
    • We’ve patched numerous bugs in many of our plugins
  • Translations
    • We’ve updated the translations in many of our plugins

Code Review

  • Support repositories where the default branch isn’t master


  • Improve mobile styling


  • Personalize Message with Recipient’s Name

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Allow category group moderators to pin/unpin topics
  • Allow search engines to index tag pages.
  • Allow invites redemption with Omniauth providers.
  • Change very high/low search priority to rank at absolute ends.
  • Add newly loaded topics to bulk-select automatically if Select All is on
  • Move security related user preferences to different tab
  • Add year to relative time picker
  • Add a site setting to allow emojis to come from an external URL
  • Include details about S3 backup storage errors
  • Filter reviewables by id.
  • Add site description for the webmanifest
  • Add disable_onebox_media_download_controls hidden site setting
  • Use the “time_read” stat to flag users as suspicious.

Bug Fixes

  • Update excerpt after process_post
  • Ensure the signup boolean is passed when started via _autoLogin
  • Bump aws-sdk-s3 and aws-sdk-sns
  • Flaky JS tests
  • Do not add same email multiple times
  • Validate user email only once
  • Add translation string for clear all watched words
  • Do not clean up uploads when they’re used by theme settings
  • Incorrect parameter when using omniauth providers on invites page.
  • Race condition in draft sequence updates
  • New topic indicator on the mobile categories page
  • Subfolder prefix should work even if url starts with the prefix
  • Ensure UserField changes are reflected instantly in webhooks
  • Mobile app notification urls w/ subfolder
  • Make email a required param when accepting invite links.
  • Message bus when group private message
  • Missing quote in emoji cdn setting caused by 83f332b
  • Remap old S3 endpoints during backup restore
  • Typo in emoji path caused by 83f332b
  • Remove list double padding
  • Sort topic timer and bookmark time options
  • Check min tag count requirement when change category
  • Remove unused JS from “finish installation” page
  • Add href to user avatar in group cards
  • Topic#invite_group failed to notify users on newly created topic
  • Components mobile-specific CSS was missing
  • CSS tweaks so bookmark + timer modal work on mobile
  • Skip sending PM email for user silence
  • Add appropriate classes to html element including lang
  • 100% Width for logout button
  • Use addRawTemplates even when compiling .hbr files
  • Update digest when updating color definitions in theme component
  • Do not output empty style tags for components
  • Exclude users with posts from purge_unactivated query
  • When using Ember CLI theme Javascript/HTML was not being inserted
  • Incorrect URL for tag pages inside category in subfolder setup.
  • Reintroduce auto_silence_first_post_regex
  • Don’t display error if only error is a missing image
  • Ignore enter key press on “move to existing post” search field
  • Send notification in user’s locale if available.
  • Allow adding user to PM when inviter is in allowed list (even
  • Strip whitespace from URL before validating
  • Login modal max-width wasn’t specific enough
  • Paste table with multiline cell
  • Detect installed themes using URLs instead of names
  • Unsubscribe from topic presence when navigating between topics
  • Pass ajax function to loadOneboxes
  • Ensure badge description is updated when routing without loading state
  • Allow entering blank values in relative-time-picker
  • Improve error message when login_required sites are under load
  • Emails.rake-use domain when sending mail test
  • Don’t update posts_read_count when the post is from a PM.
  • Log warning when context is missing when a user is destroyed
  • Allow mobile-nav to work without loading transitions
  • Adding a custom scope should not modify the original ones.
  • Avoid Safari service worker error on back navigation
  • Don’t show “bulk” icon on group-index for unauthorized users
  • Do not send rejection emails to auto-deleted reviewable users
  • Make email_valid handling consistent
  • Close navigation dropdown when item selected
  • Reduce the time_read threshold to one minute.
  • Subfolder replace should only affect URL prefix
  • Sort admin dashboard new updates by latest
  • Don’t require a rejection reason if the user is a spammer.
  • Do not allow bookmarks to use post date in past for reminder
  • Ensure corrected migration runs
  • Optimise MoveNewSinceToTable
  • Use the S3 CDN for the Group flair

UX Changes

  • Consistent labels in invite form
  • Fix broken styling on login modal when local login is disabled.
  • Login; smaller titles, more consistent spacing, other fixes
  • Minor improvements to invites
  • Remove duplicate title from watched words page
  • Add class to email div on login
  • Fix bulk select button height on search page
  • Clean up tag styles to improve alignment
  • Restore autofocus on login inputs
  • Add link for email login below username, remove button
  • Remove redundant focus style
  • Use default browser focus styling for checkbox and radio inputs
  • Styling adjustments for admin new features
  • Allow select-kit to have an autofocus option
  • More consistent group mention style
  • Remove emoji step in wizard
  • Tweak group layout to fix button alignment
  • Skip github commit avatars for topic/post thumbnails
  • Make tag input full width for PMs
  • Implements a new tags-intersection-chooser
  • On very short screens switch quick-access-profile to 2-columns
  • Show bullets for some composer lists
  • Adjust padding on create account modal