Auto-replace watched word misses target word in emailed post

I tried using auto-replace watched word to eliminate junk that Outlook adds to the bottom of an emailed post, such as this: ​![image001.jpg|45x45](upload://yS0BlfXTqaPhoqyF6LaZLwt7xJv.jpg) but it still got through.

![image001.jpg|45x45]* is properly recognized by the test:

My replacement word is a blank. Can auto-replace watched words in fact replace the target word with a blank in an emailed post?

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The watched words are replaced during the process which converts posts from Markdown to HTML and it applies only to text fragments. Unfortunately, it means that it does not apply on other Markdown markups.


@omarfilip can you share some examples of “Outlook junk” that you would like to scrape? Watched words might not be the right tool for the job.


Thanks for confirming, @nbianca.

@zogstrip, these are in cooked posts and come from a few users who use Outlook. I’ll send you raw emails via PM.


Their posts ends up with extra space like this (blank images are selected to highlight them):