3rd level category nesting and Header Categories Navbar TC interacting poorly

There is a bug in the interaction between sub-sub-categories and the navbar.


I’ve got sub-sub-categories enabled on my site via this hidden setting:

SiteSetting.max_category_nesting = 3

After our last update of the site, the functionality seems to have broken.

The sub-sub-categories appear as they are meant to throughout the site, but when I attempt to click onto one of them I notice this:

  1. The category page seems to load just fine initially

  2. Then I get the spinning wheel of doom :skull_and_crossbones:

This error appears in the console:

(this doesn’t appear when in categories or sub-categories)

Workaround / other issues

The sub-sub-category page actually loads okay if opened in a new tab/window, but there are glitches in the navbar functionality and this similar error in the console:

This is a theme component right? Which one is it, can you link to it?

Ah - I’m being a bit thick and equated the new terminology for the sidebar “i.e. Navigation” with this official theme component:

When I disabled that Theme Component, nesting works just fine.

My only issue is that I really rely on it! But I understand that I’m probably one of very few using this TC with 3rd level nesting.


Will mention this to Kris in case he has any easy ideas for a fix.


This is fixed by: FIX: update to support 3 levels of categories by awesomerobot · Pull Request #6 · discourse/discourse-categories-navbar · GitHub

I just needed to make a small adjustment to accommodate for the additional category level. Thanks for reporting it!


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