404 link to files in the moderation review queue

Hello everyone,

our forum has been having an issue lately.
Around the beginning of June files awaiting moderation in the review queue started pointing to the 404 page.
It has been difficult to moderate content without knowing what’s inside a file :sweat_smile:

The interesting part is that once the posts are accepted and they appear in their respective categories, the links of the files work properly.

If I recall corectly, our server went down twice in that month (due to unrelated issues).
Also at some point in June, upgrading to a newer version through the dashboard was not possible anymore, so we had to rebuild from the command line.

There is also no error in the logs, that I would find suspicious.

We tried figuring out the problem ourselves, but we were unsuccessful.
We would really benefit from the help of someone that has better knowledge of how Discourse works.
Maybe someone knows how these file links are generated / translated and can point out a potential error.

Best regards

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Do you mean literal files? Like attachments?

I think @CvX fixed this in

So if you update to the latest version, it should work now :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply.

@codinghorror yeah, usual files (attachments) that our users upload per drag and drop for example

@david @CvX thanks a bunch! I just updated our instance and it works like a charm. :blush: