504 Gateway error after launching new AWS instance

I created a new Discourse instance from an existing EC2 image on AWS and renamed the domain in the app.yml file. Same architecture etc. When I navigate to it in a browser I get a 504 error. Is there anything else I need to change?
The image came from forum.mystrokeguide.com and I’ve changed the domain to forum-dev.mystrokeguide.com

here is a post you can check that might help you

Thanks. I’ve completed the steps in the article but still getting 504s

Is your domain pointing to multiple ip adresses? I’ve just looked at your DNS propagation and there are two IP numbers in there. Maybe that’s the conflict?

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Is that just for forum-dev? I’ve got a static IP attached to it and a rule from an AWS load balancer. So should I detach the static IP and see?

I did this DNS look-up - https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/forum-dev.mystrokeguide.com

I’m afraid I’m not that experienced with DNS to know whether that’s definitely an issue (hopefully someone else can chime in :crossed_fingers:).

Thanks, this is helpful. I’ll investigate and check it out

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If you’re using a standard install, you need to point only to the ec2. Putting a load balancer in front is rather tricky.

If you’ve done many rebuilds with the dns pointing to multiple addresses, you may not have a valid cert and not be able to get one due to rate limits. If that’s the case, use a different name or wait a week.


can I install the AWS issued cert straight into the app? I tend to use the load balancer to add certs to EC2 instances. Or do I comment out the Let’s Encrypt lines in app.yml?

I recommend that you start with a clean installation and then move to figuring out the load balancer. The only supported installation here is the most basic following the guide. There are too many things that might go wrong adding a load balancer to guess what your problem is.

If you do want to use a load balancer, then you’d skip discourse-setup and remove the ssl and letsencrypt templates.