User Trust level 1 notification but still stuck at 0


I am a member at another popular Forum that uses Discourse. I am not the Admin or staff over there.
I must appreciate Discoure, it is a wonderful tech for many platforms.

It has been many months and my Trust Level is still stuck at 0 even though I was/am pretty active and have received the badge notification in the messages.

The Admin insisted on me being frequent there, but for some reason the system thinks that i am a basic user. I cannot do a lot of things, all the restrictions of a new user apply

What can I tell the Admin there that maybe a task or something has not updated correctly because of which the system thinks i’m L1 but still operating as a L0 user.

I am a new user here, so i will be able to post only one image and i’ll try and put all snaps in one image.

Other users typically get their Basic badge in 1 or 2 days. Also, I was never demoted in any way etc.
Its just that i rec’d the notifications but i’m still a new user.
Its frustrating when i can’t reply more than thrice in a thread or post some valid url’s etc and somehow managed for so long but the Reputation or trust level doesn’t seem to change.

Can Admins/Experts here explain if this could have happened for any reason and possible ways for me to tell the Admin there describing this case so they may manually change or take action so that i’m back in the normal cycle.


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Sometimes it takes some time to update. What is the TL (trust level) in your summary?


thanks for the reply.

For me there is no such field but shows up for other members.

Regarding your point: It takes time to update.
I didn’t understand.
I joined a year ago, it’s been 11 months since i got the “Basic” promotion but there is no trust level and all the restrictions of a new user still apply.

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Ask then to promote you manually.


Have you looked into if your missing requirements to be promoted to Member?


Yes, I have. And the requirements are pretty simple.

It is default Discourse levels as far as i was told.
The other users generally get into basic within a few days after reading certain number of posts and hours of read time.


Could you please try what @ondrejj’s proposed and see if the TL section appears? The TL can be manually changed, meaning that the owners could have demoted you. When TL0 user (New user), the TL section does not appear in the profile information. What you can also do is ask that community if anyone had encountered this issue in the past.


Did staff lock you at a trust level?


Thanks everyone for your replies and inputs.

For some reason, the account stayed at TL 0 and had to be manually promoted as suggested in post #4 by @ondrejj .
Now the account is a “Basic User”.


Actually this same issue is happening for me on a forum we’ve just setup. We’re still in bootstrap mode, but users are still getting stuck at trust level 0.

I am an admin there, so for the new users today I upgraded them manually. To try to recreate this issue I created a new user and walked through setting up the account. Even after checking all the boxes for TL1 (despite Bootstrap mode), I still was not promoted. I did get the confirmation email like @ondrejj posted above.

In the group settings of them I had just left the trust level that is granted to None in hopes that it would just default to the standard trust levels setup by the system settings.

I’m wondering, do the Group settings have any kind of issues that supercede the Trust levels?