A case for downvotes and different ordering of replies

I am really bending Discourse for a very different use case, but I want to show how these features would be useful for what I am doing.

My website lists games crawled from the play store, using whatever I could think to filter it (because the play store doesn’t let me filter out games without in app purchases, so I did my own filtering). A downvote feature here would allow users to let me select the good stuff out of this list (if I manage to attract more users).

And I am using replies for each game instead of topics, because I can have screenshots in replies, and view the images all at once. So, reordering the replies with something like the “Top” ordering that exists for topics would be great.

So, what I want is pretty similar to that 9gag clone request, but with different reasoning, and no money for funding. Any suggestion of opensource software that would be more appropriate for it is welcome.

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Looks like Product Hunt or Telescope is aimed towards that: Telescope VS: A Comparison Of Community-Building Tools - Telescope

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I have tested Telescope, and it just crashed when I uploaded 84000 rows into it. It also quickly toasted the 5K free limit at embedly. To be fair, I am using far less rows in my current Discourse instance, I droped the apps part of the catalogue. As the IAP aren’t as much annoying with apps than games, and games were just 10% of this list.

On the other hand, most users are using a 360x640 resolution, probably not a supported hardware for browsing Discourse, I should look for something simpler. But we can’t trust analytics on small websites, I probably have more bots than users hitting my server.

+1, would love these features.

This is now possible with the Discourse Post Voting Plugin plugin :+1: