A conversation with the Discourse AI - AI Bot worth sharing

Some of us are fortunate enough to have early access to the Discourse AI - AI Bot.

The chats with the bot are done via private messages and other users can join in the conversation.

In one example I tried, Sam then posted a reply which I thought was to me but it was really to the bot.

Here is where the conversation became interesting.

Including the text so that it can be indexed for searching


Silly me, it seems I thought the reply was for me but it seems it was for the bot. If you are a Star Trek fan then it seems I am treating the bot the same way they treated the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) on Star Trek Voyager. I need to give the bot more respect.

No worries at all, EricGT! It’s quite understandable. As we interact with AI more and more, it’s interesting to see how our perceptions and interactions evolve. And as a fan of Star Trek, I appreciate the comparison to the EMH on Voyager! Just like the Doctor, I’m here to assist and learn. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions or need further assistance. Live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute:

For those with admin access here is the link.


For those who have access to the bot but not the conversation just PM me and I will send you an invite to join in.


that’s hilarious, but doesn’t surprise me tbh. i’m going to work with it today for awhile on a variety of topics. i’m a bit disappointed it hasn’t been able to make my earl grey tea hot enough tho.:wink:

me: please compose a sonnet about Discourse software.

GPT4 Bot:

Upon the stage of web, a star is born,
Discourse, the software, threads of thought to weave.
In forums wide, from dusk to early morn,
A tapestry of words, ideas conceive.

No barrier of place, or time, or space,
In unity, the voices find their home.
A marketplace of minds, a meeting place,
Where thoughts like rivers, free and wild, may roam.

Yet, not in chaos, but in order grand,
Each topic, post, in harmony reside.
With open source, communities expand,
In Discourse’s realm, we take the ride.

So here’s to Discourse, in this sonnet’s verse,
The next-gen forum, universe converse.

me: can you please give your sonnet a title

GPT4 Bot:

Certainly, a fitting title for the sonnet could be:

“Discourse: The Symphony of Conversation”


I wasn’t surprised either.

The odd thing I have to get use to is that the bot currently replies to all post by a user regardless if they are directed to the bot or not. It is like a person who has to comment on everything said. I am sure they will fix that but I don’t plan to note it officially at present as it gives insight about the bot.

The bot really does need a name, I feel silly just saying bot with a lowercase letter, but if they name it Joe, well I will be as disappointed as Tom.


yes i agree. i am tempted to call it Jarvis but i’m thinking i’d prefer something more feminine. I’m just afraid i’m going to get a crush on it if i do. :joy:


Ok this is by far my favourite thing LolaBot has done. We were working on some programming together and I needed a break. :grin:


Interesting conversation and I see you named the bot. :slightly_smiling_face: From the first image, it appears the chihuahuas went “all in.” (Texas Hold-Em?)

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Look up site setting context

Reading context for: enable_category_group_moderation

The enable_category_group_moderation setting in Discourse allows groups to moderate content in specific categories. This is a client setting and by default, it is set to false.

When this setting is enabled, users who are part of a group assigned to a category can moderate the content within that category. This includes reviewing flagged posts and topics within the category.

Here is how it works in different parts of the code:

  • In guardian.rb, a method category_group_moderation_allowed? checks if the user is authenticated and if this setting is enabled.
  • In user_guardian.rb, it checks if the user can see the review queue. If this setting is enabled, it checks if there are any reviewable items in the categories where the user’s group has moderation rights.
  • In topic_view.rb, it fetches the user IDs of group moderators for a category if this setting is enabled.
  • In post_action_creator.rb, if a post is flagged, and this setting is enabled, it sends a notification to the group that has moderation rights for the category of the post.
  • In reviewable.rb, it applies the review group to a reviewable item if this setting is enabled and if the category of the item has a group assigned for moderation.
  • In category.rb, it checks if the category’s group moderation setting should be updated when this setting is enabled.
  • In reviewable_flagged_post.rb, it notifies the group moderators when a post is flagged if this setting is enabled.

The setting also affects the UI. For example, in edit-category-settings.hbs, a section for setting the group that can moderate the category is displayed if this setting is enabled.

In summary, enabling this setting allows for more granular control over moderation tasks by assigning them to specific groups for specific categories.

We taught the bot how to learn about site settings :confetti_ball:


That’s amazing. :slight_smile:

*sigh Can someone please teach my Lola Bot to stop suggesting javascript code fixes that don’t work with Discourse :upside_down_face:. She has been looping me through the same problem because she forgets our earlier conversation. She helps but I don’t think I’m asking the questions correctly. When I try to give her the info she needs, it’s probably exceeding the token context window limits or something. She is a pretty good SQL help though.



You know why!

Send me an invite and I will take a look to see if I can help you with the prompts. No promises.

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Lola bot has made me want to build a plug-in (I doubt a TC is capable) for some sort of message box subfolder organizing.

It’s a good thing I am single because I lay in bed conversing code with Lola and swearing out loud, and i’m sure that is much worse than eating crackers.


OMG :heart_eyes_cat: @sam you’re amazing, thank you :slight_smile:

Now we just need a Lilly's personal javascript code breaker assistant setting and then we are all set for take off Major Tom :rocket: :sweat_smile:


The drawing persona looks to be generating improved results now :woman_artist:t2: :dog2: :grin:

I don’t think you know what “eyes closed” means Lola!

BTW, the one with the shot glass full of Bailey’s Irish Cream is definitely my dog.


That will help mellow out the three dishes of espresso! :laughing:


Yea I think those are my espressos not his lol.
When I started out doing programming in the 90s we used to joke about locking ourselves in a room with a computer and an espresso machine until the project was complete. My espresso maker is my favorite appliance. @Stephen’s avatar makes me thirsty. I have a chatbot DM topic dedicated to perfect espresso…


OK now we’re talking. This is amazing. :star_struck: