A global pin for anonymous users only

I set up a members-only forum with a public landing page that is populated with posts from a public category (news and public events). I globally pinned a welcome post from the public category, so it’s always listed on top of the latest view to anonymous visitors.

Once a user signs up, I’d like this post to not be listed globally on top anymore, as we have different information for new members. This is probably just a minor betterment, but I’d love to make orientation for new members as easy as possible and the global information for anonymous users is just distracting.

I’m not getting my head around how to do it though… is it possible from default admin settings or with offical additions?

People more often complain that it is too easy to un-pin things that they want to annoy people forever. I think that it’s probably not a problem. You could hide it from logged-in users with CSS, though.

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True, I’d also often want the pinned post for our registered users be a bit more sticky :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Well, from my own experience on meta, the first time I just click it away. Then later I might come back, but need to do quite some scrolling to find the About post again. Is there actually a general shortcut to the About posts of each category? Like c/category/about?

But yes, looks like I’ll either need some custom CSS or an initial redirect to the public category for anonymous users. This way I could just pin the post to the top of the public category and it won’t show on the default latest list.

I saw there’s several options to install a plugin or theme component for re-directs. Is there any downside in just adding a short script like this?

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
  if ( (window.location.pathname == "/") && $('html').hasClass('anon')) {
      window.location.href = "/c/public";
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You can go to a category, edit it, from there you can find a edit button (under General tab) for the description of that category. Takes you to the About topic.

Yeah, I didn’t think about a forum where I’m admin, but as a user. Let’s say I go to #howto here on meta. How do I find the pinned topic about the category after it’s unpinned for me?