Globally Pinned Topic not appearing at top of Latest

Hi! I created a topic in my forum and pinned it globally but it’s not appearing at the top of the “Latest” list. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?


When I go to your forum, I’m seeing the topic that you have linked to displayed as a banner topic. It is being displayed at the top of the Latest list and all other topic lists and topics on your forum.

Users can dismiss banner topics by clicking the ‘Dismiss this banner’ link that’s at the top right of the banner. Once this link has been clicked, the banner will not be displayed again for the user. If you have clicked the dismiss link, you won’t be seeing the banner on your site.


Hi Simon, thanks for checking on it.

I ended up making the topic a banner to get it show up above everything else, but I was hoping to also have it globally pinned (e.g.: in the Latest panel on the right where the “Welcome to the Neuronline Community” is)

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Tried viewing with my own account, a guest account, and without logging in; still can’t see the topic pinned on top of Latest

I see the topic pinned when I go to its category page: Roommate Matching - SfN Neuronline Community. Have you selected ‘Suppress category from latest topics’ for the Roommate Matching category? That would prevent a globally pinned topic from being displayed on your homepage.


Ah yes, that’s what it was! I unchecked that and now it shows up on the homepage.

Thanks Simon!