"About this category" topics cannot be pinned globally

I’m working on a site with two globally pinned topics. One is at the top of latest, but not the other.

The one that’s not showing on latest does appear at the top of its category page, just not on latest.

Is not that it’s un-pinned.

I’m stumped.

Maybe “Suppress this category from the homepage.” is enabled for one of the categories?

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That’s not it (but a great idea!).

Is sorted by created,but I tried changing it to latest and no not.

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I am not sure a topic with a category can be globally pinned in the manner you are describing? Try removing the category.

Just checking, you do mean 1.9.0.beta10, right?

I do. Apparently I broke my rule of always copy-and-pasting such.

Discourse 1.9.0.beta10
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I figured it out.

They had used the “About this category” post as a regular post. As it turns out, you can’t globally pin an “About this category” post.

I don’t know if there’s anything to be done about people trying to do this. It seems pretty obvious that the “about this category” is supposed to, you know, be about the category.