A long number is added to new user names from Memberful

I just opened a Discourse forum and to my surprise, long numbers are added to user names. For example Richard turns into


Is there a possibility to turn adding the number off?

Which forum is it? Sometimes a third party sso provider controls usernames.

It’s the forum you set up. Maybe Memberful controls the usernames, connecting to it from the wp website and the sso?

Of course! My memory is weak, though, and your username here doesn’t match your email address in my notes. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m pretty sure that Memberful is what’s doing that. I know that Patreon has stupid usernames as some sort of “security”. I’m not sure whether Memberful requires stupid usernames or whether people have the chance to change it but just don’t bother.

The best way to find out would be to start anew with a new memberful account and see what the process looks like to a new user. Responsible community organizers do that as often as once a month, I think. I’m not that responsible.


Memberful told me the numbers are an anonymizing tool. The members can edit it on the forum.


For “security”.

If they know to do so, and they do it before username change period has expired (default 3 days). If they want to change after they post, it’s a hassle to connect their pre-name-change posts to the new name, so you’ll want to encourage them to change it ASAP.