A playful approach to category moderation

I’ve been experimenting with setting up Discourse for community collaboration (A layout for community projects). For this I didn’t want to set up a general distinction between users and staff. So I dropped site-wide moderation and only created groups for category moderation.

The site has three main categories: Conversations, Ressources and Activities. The groups to moderate each are also the groups that would have a leading position on these spheres in general. I named them Entertainers, Registrars and Team Leads.

To make things a bit more playful, each of these groups has it’s own little super-power: access to an exclusive tag that only they can use to distinguish content within their sphere:

So Entertainers can recommend conversations with tune-in, Registrars can approve ressources as official and Team Leads can set activities to urgent. On the Latest topics view this looks like this:

I also integrated a direct link to the urgent tag in the top navigation menu to give it a special highlight:

Theme components I used for this:
Custom top navigation links
Tag icons component


this is an amazing idea! I will steal it :smiley: