A strange question about google ad display in my site

After the first installation of plugin Discourse Ad Plugin , the google ad show normally in my site ( https://bbs.whitewater.wang/ ), and i can see the data of daily income, but one day i found there is only a ad blank in my site like this (other users too)

i am sure the settings of plugin is right

if i am using proxy to access the web, ads show normally

if i close proxy , there will just be a blank

but, when i close proxy , if i access other sites like Discourse - OSSEZ , their ad show normally

i don’t know what happened and how to solve :pensive:

Possible reasons

My server is in China?
Maybe it’s caused by CloudFlare cdn?

Error log

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anyone can help me? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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i visited your forum and in Chrome windows desktop i don’t even get the blank space for the ad. but the ad shows in Safari iOS on my ipad desktop view. however, the space is there in mobile view:

Safari in iOS on ipad deskop view:

Safari in iOS on ipad mobile view:

Chrome in Windows desktop:

also some of your custom icons in the navigator menu are not showing in Chrome :thinking:

you may want to look at this:

lots of content security policy and javascript errors. some of it could be related to this: Mitigate XSS Attacks with Content Security Policy

when i inspected in safe-mode, the javascript errors are not there but the content security policy errors remain. looks like you may also have an issue(s) with a component.

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maybe have a look at this

finally i found the true problem, which depends on user’s network, sometime the ads display, sometime not

The display of Google ads has a lot to do with the network that customers visit. Google’s ads need to run JS scripts, and the execution efficiency of this script directly determines the display of ads. If the client’s network is too poor, the ad may not be displayed.
Google 广告的显示和客户访问的网络有很大的关系。Google 的广告是需要运行 JS 脚本的,这个脚本的执行效率直接决定了广告的显示。如果客户端的网络太差的话,广告是有可能显示不出来的。

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