Thank you for making Discourse!

(Daniel Dressler) #1

I just had the chance to use Discourse for the first time on another site. When announced I had dismissed DIscourse because it looked useless as a forum. While it still looks a-typical I must thank you for making such a smooth user experience, and for persisiting despite nay-sayers like myself. With Discourse my “I should say something nice” thought translated into a real thank you post on the other site only because of Discourse’s painless registration process.

Plus I don’t have to worry about posting in the wrong sub-forum. (That brings up some not fun memories).

(Jeff Atwood) #2



(Rupert Klopper) #3

Maybe this could be the official, discourse is awesome topic, because I also want to chip in with my thanks and awe.:blush:

(John Mautari) #4

As soon Discourse evolves to a point it can replace old forum platforms I’ll be happy to migrate a 10 million posts VBulletin board to Discourse and I’m sure I’ll never look back.

(Pothi Kalimuthu) #5

So true. That was really embarrassing for me, when it happened for the first time. :wink:

Wanted to say for making Discourse too.

Even though, I’ve been watching the development of Discourse for long, I just started with a local dev environment for Discourse. I wish it comes out of beta soon. :smiley:

(John Deatherage) #6

I could never run a bulletin board of any type (not to mention the fact that they’re usually more of a maintenance woe and security issue than Wordpress). I already have two Discourse sites, and I’m just getting started! It’s really the type of site we all wanted, and didn’t know we needed :smiley:

(Thomas Smyth) #7

+1. really nice work folks. i’m enjoying building a plugin for Discourse.

(Michael Jonker) #8

At the risk of my heart beating lumpy custard, I also want to chime in and say thanks - not only for great software, but also for great vision. I can definitely see this revolutionising how people communicate on the internet into something a lot more meaningful.

I have never used Ruby before, but in the course of a day I was able deploy a virtual Ubuntu server and follow your clear instructions to get a working instance, so kudos on your documentation and communication style as well.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #9

I came to Meta tonight to make a post with this title - it figures I’d find a similar post already!

I truly enjoy having Discourse available to us. Thank you!

(Jeff Tchang) #10

Thank you as well for creating this and making it open source. On a personal selfish level I’m glad you choose Ember.js so I have a chance to learn more about it by hacking Discourse. :smile:

(Leslie Young) #11

Been running Discourse for a week now, on a forum mostly used for support.
The installation was pretty straight forward, thanks to guides. Did my first update today and it was very easy. The user interface and experience is amazing. I am so done with 1999 forum tech. Discourse is the best.

(Tomo Vukasović) #12

Great job guys. We will deploy it very soon as community for our open source CMS.

(Ron Shannon) #13

Just got up and running. It was a bit of a challenge learning docker, and Discourse itself for installation docs & pointers, but well worth it! I’ve installed & run at least 8-9 other fora over the years, standalone and CMS based, most through multiple iterations. Discourse is by far the best! Superb feature set, fantastic granular admin controls. The email I/O functionality is what drew me to it (that is great) but I’m blown away by how feature rich, beautifully conceived and designed it is. Really looking forward to working with it. Thank you!

(Jacob Chapel) #14

What do you need from it to “replace old forum platforms”?