A "Votes" option for the top menu in main page

Ah yes, the Custom top navigation links. Good point, thank you.

I wonder how this theme component will affect the “Votes” and “My Votes” links that appear in the top menu of the categories where voting is enabled. I have read the extensive comments about how this theme compent affects the navigation of categories and I didn’t get a clear impression. I’ll have to try, but I have the impression that I will resolve one problem at the expense of causing a few new ones?

The behavior requested is exactly the same that other two very popular plugins offer: Events Plugin 📆 and Locations Plugin. Both bring a top menu item that can be added and removed just like Discourse’s top menu items:

If “Votes” is the first item in the top menu, the “/votes” page would be shown by default.

Maybe there is some code from these plugins that could be reused? If a PR is welcome and @angus or someone else is interested, we could even “marketplace this” (I have no idea how simple/complex writing and testing the patch would be).