A way to log out elsewhere/ everywhere with "log out strict" disabled

Over on our forum, we currently have log out strict enabled, but we are running a poll on whether it should stay that way. Right now we are leaning towards disabling it.
But there are still a few people who want to keep the ability to log out everywhere/ elsewhere. As such I came here to ask if it would be possible to implement either of these:

  • A toggle allowing users to enable log out strict for themselves
  • A log out everywhere button
  • A way for users to log out of specified sessions
  • Something that would allow to do this in a way I haven’t thought of

@neil is going to soon start working on reorganizing the user preferences tab, on the server we already know exactly what sessions you have going and how to log each one out, part of the reorganization can be adding the list of sessions and allowing you to log out from any explicitly.

@codinghorror thoughts?


Reorg first but it certainly opens the door to that. Still extreme power user feature in my view, but I don’t oppose it or anything.