Logging out does not log out of all active sessions

This specific request has two different use cases that I can highlight.

The first case:
On one of the forums that I regularly visit, I have access to 2 organisational accounts (meaning each account is shared with 2-3 other users) and there have been countless times where in the middle of my active session, I would have to sign in again because one of the other users signed out of their active session. This is rather annoying to be replying to a pm or a topic only to find I have to sign in again in order to post my reply.

The second use case:
While I do most things from my phone or home computer, there are times when I am on a shared (public) computer visiting the forums, and obviously sign out of my active session on the shared computer to keep others from having access to anything they shouldn’t have access to. This leads to the same situation of having to sign in again on my personal devices, of which those sessions I would like to remain active.

The full request:
As you probably have gathered by the title and the 2 use cases above, I would like to see a way to employ Google-like functionality regarding sign-in and sign-out. These features include:

  • Logout does not logout of all sessions, only the session in which the logout was initiated.
  • Provide an option to users in their settings page to sign out of all active sessions, and alternately allow users to sign out of each active session individually.

Already an option, check admin site settings. Discourse ships safe by default.

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@codinghorror what about this?

as for this, i found the setting. didnt know it already was one. thanks!