When you disable strict logout, new tabs still can perform ineffective administrative actions

Steps to reproduce:

1.) Log in as an administrator
2.) Open a new tab to any post
3.) Return to the original tab and log out
4.) Return to the second tab and attempt to do things such as Pinning or closing the topic
5.) Observe the results

Actual Results:

Logging out does not prevent the administrative actions from appearing to occur in that tab. While these actions are ineffective (pinning a topic doesn’t actually pin it) it appears to the user that the changes are being made - this could lead to confusion if an admin logs out with one tab and returns at a later point to the tab where they are logged in - especially as you are able to change pages and still remain in this state.

Expected Results:

After logging out the sessions for other tabs should become invalid and any actions taken that a regular user cannot perform should result in an error.

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This sounds really odd, if you log out we pop this up

Just tested and it seems to be work fine.

It works fine with the ORIGINAL tab - it’s the “new” tab where the issue occurs.

That is what is confusing me, that message “You were logged out” shows up everywhere, no matter on which tab you log out from.

odd - I don’t see that on any other tab… running on the latest version of Chrome if that matters here at all…

Super odd, just impersonated your account and logged out

Can you try a different browser? Can you confirm you don’t have any plugins? Does this happen on your home computer as well (perhaps you are shutting down long polling somehow)?

I have some late-night testing (DNS changes - what fun!) scheduled for tonight - I’ll try it again on my home system at that time and let you know.

We do have a few basic plugins installed, but they are pretty standard ones - new relic, sidebar, one or two others… it’s very possible that something with our instance is causing it. Leave this topic open (you guys can be a bit aggressive about closing them lol) for a day or two at least so I can get some more info :smile:

Kind of impossible to sort out a bug with no steps to repro :slight_smile:

reclassifying this to support for now

It appears that this happens only if “log out strict” in the Login settings is unchecked.


bingo, yeah … this makes sense .