Abandoning draft when switching from user reply to general reply doesn't remove text

To Reproduce:

  1. Click on the reply to button on someone’s posts.
  2. Write a long-enough thing in the composer. (A sentence suffices.)
  3. Click on the reply arrow next to the person your replying to’s avatar in the composer.
  4. Click on “reply to topic”.
  5. Click on “Yes, abandon”.
  6. You’re no longer replying to the specific person, but the post content you wrote before is still there.

I think the “Abandon” popup shouldn’t come. Will investigate.


You’re still replying to the topic so why would the contents suddenly be irrelevant?

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Oh, I guess the problem isn’t that the content is still there, the problem is that the popup comes up saying you’re abandoning your post when you aren’t really abandoning it.

Sorry for being unclear, meant maybe its good to change the popup, not the “keeping words there” behavior.


Opened a PR :slight_smile:



The topic reply level is being abandoned though, it would be confusing to inexplicably lose the reply level and not the content. Agree the message is confusing, but I’d prefer it over nothing.

I don’t see that. If a user wants to switch reply level after he already entered a bunch of text ( maybe because he noticed that he was on a wrong reply level after he wrote his reply ) he should be able to do so. A suddenly appearing “Are you sure you want to abandon it?” message in the middle of screen just will make the user insecure and he will think that if he clicks on “Abandon” that he will loose all of his text.

But that never happened.

Instead, the text was always there. No matter if you pressed on “Abandon” or on “Keep”. Which is more confusing than helpful. I think the user should be able to securely switch reply level mid editing without a big warning popping up.

But thats just my point of view :slight_smile:

Hence my comment that the message wasn’t perfect.

If it’s stripping metadata from the response it should really let the user know.

Just merged @venarius’s PR as showing the abandon modal when you’re replying in the same topic is very bad UX.

It now behaves the same as if you were to click on the Reply button on different posts in the same topic after having entered some text.