Ability to change the category of a post before approving

Hello. We are using a forum where most of the posts are subject to moderator approval. When approving a post sometimes we need to change the category. Currently we approve the post first and then manually change its category by going to the topic. Can it be so that the category change is done in the approval page (/queued-posts)?


Not yet but sounds like a nice feature request, can you do a visual mockup of how you think this should work? Perhaps someone in the community may want to contribute the change

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Hey Sam, how about this mockup?


Simply adding the category changer to the right of the buttons would be sufficient I guess. Also maybe when the category is changed the Incorrect Category next to the topic gets strikethrough and the new one appears next to it. Clicking a x button reverts the category change. Like this:

I would recommend hiding it behind the “edit” function, once you click edit you can edit the body of the post, title, tags and the category. #pr-welcome for that. Ideally it would also record that the edit happened.


Yes, that seems more plausible. But having it on the front can also be good since this is somewhat a tedious task for active forums and can also stay outside the edit button. Thanks!

Started hacking on this earlier this week and have finished majority of the extended features.

I will hopefully have the PR up some time early next week; still need to look into ways to record the edit.

Screenshots from the current implementation. (Everything is from the existing editing components; will probably add some minor CSS tweaks to improving space between components, etc. )

Open to suggestions!

Pending Reply

Pending Reply - Edit View

Pending Topic with Tags

Pending Topic with Tags - Edit View


Here are some screenshots for the feature to record the edit:

feedback welcomed and appreciated, especially if you feel overwhelmed by the number of input fields (I have and will continue to tweak the spacing.)

Before editing

After editing

The revision history - nothing’s changed here, just to demonstrate the effect


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