Rejected Posts and Category Edit Change

Hi there - I’ve read through some topics on this discussion site before, but only just joined today.

I’m an admin on a discourse hosted site and love the features and layout etc of the Discourse platform, especially when compared to the old boxy PHP styles.

The site Im admin for use the Trust levels to protect the site from instant trolls and spammers - so, the first 5 posts that a user makes, all have to be approved. If the posts are all tyraids of adverts for porn, pharmaceutical products, etc, then they’re just Rejected, user banned and neither the post, nor the user ever see the light of day.

Sometimes though, the post simply has come to the wrong place and needs to be cut’n’pasted then emailed to one of my colleagues. For these situations, it would be great if all posts which I click [REJECT] on, could drop into a REJECTED POSTS category which only myself and my fellow admins could see and access.

Also, we sometimes get a very valid correct post in the approval queue, waiting to be approved, but the use has selected the wrong category/sub-category for the post. Currently, whilst a post is in the approval queue, I can edit the Title, edit the post itself, but I can’t change the category, even though I can see it and can …almost… click on it. So, what I’m having to do currently, is approve the post, into the wrong sub-category, then manually move it to a different category later.

Could the above two suggestions be added to “the list” please, for possible inclusion in a future update? Thanks


There’s some recent discussion on this idea here


It’s great to see the “ability to change category of a post before approving” has reached the real world. Very useful.

Would any other users find the other suggestion useful? eg: Rejected posts drop into a category which only forum staff, admins, moderators, can see.

This is mainly for audit and training purposes for new moderators eg: Here’s an example of posts which got rejected, and why established moderators rejected it.

Currently, we can change the category manually to a “Sin Bin”, and then approve it, but that, I’m guessing, tells the person who posted it that their post has been approved and put in a private area.

Would any others find this feature useful ? If its possible ?

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