Ability to customize the order of tag groups (and also, describe them!)

I, um, have employed Hyrum’s Law re: this on my site, prefixing some tag groups with emoji so they sort below the ones I want to be primary.

It’s understandable if you fix this, but it’s be nice if there were a manual ordering option for tag groups…

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Can you share a screenshot or two to illustrate what you’re currently doing and what results it achieves?

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Sure! My /tags page looks like this:

… and is going to get more complicated as we merge in Ask Fedora — and I expect the Teams section to double fairly quickly too.

You can see that I’ve prefixed some of the main groups with numbers to force them into the order I want. But I don’t really want to order all of them — other than the most important groups, I kind of just want them shoved down below. I happened to prefix one of them with an emoji to see what would happen, and it did what I want, so, tada!

But if you fix Confusing chat channel order when name starts with emoji, this will probably (and, y’know, quite reasonably) break.

What I’d really like is a better tags page overall — not just the ability to sort the tag groups manually, but also:

  • ability to add a block of markdown below each tag group name to explain what that tag group is for
  • linkable targets for each group
  • instead of one page, some kind of tabs or submenu thing?
  • or collapsible blocks groups?
  • links back to the categories where each tag group is allowed, if applicable

This change should only impact channels, not tags. Not saying we wouldn’t make a separate breaking change for tags at some point, but for the time being, I don’t expect any changes here.

OK, yep. I don’t think there are any current plans to prioritize these kinds of improvements, but these all sound like reasonable suggestions to me for when we do put some attention in this area.