In the sidebar, can I list the tags by group?

Hi, In the sidebar, can I list the tags by group?

For example, in the sidebar, all the tags of group 1 are listed on the top by name, all the tags of group 2 are listed on the bottom by name.

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No, this isn’t possible at the moment. I’ll re-categorize this as feature for now, if others are interested perhaps we can consider adding this in the future.


I would be interested in this. However, rather than having them automatically split by group on the sidebar, I’d like one or both of these:

  • ability to define a sidebar section as the top N tags from a given group (with the group name as the default title for that section, naturally).
  • when adding tags to a tag section, present a UI which lets me select which tag group I want to select tags from.

I can elaborate or show you more about my use case if that would be helpful!