Ability to disable or reduce User Suggestions

It’s becoming very annoying that the “This user is new to the community, let’s welcome…” “This user hasn’t posted in x months, let’s welcome them back” etc. is showing too many suggestions. No hard feelings, but although this is a nice and warm system, it’s just too frequent and appears almost everywhere I look. I have a browser plugin to get rid of them for good, but my phone’s browser/discourse hub doesn’t support extensions. It would be nice if we had the option to either completey disable these banners/suggestions or whatever you call them or reduce them to a certain percentage.

You can use CSS to hide them.


I’m not a forum administrator and I would’ve already hidden it with CSS if I were one :wink:

That would’ve been nice to clarify, but all good. There’s no way to hide it unless you convince an admin to add CSS. Sorry mate

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Is it a new community? Or one that doesn’t encourage frequent participation?

Its a fairly old community, but new members tend to join almost everyday, hence the “This user is new, let us welcome them…” Also some users randomly come back from the dead, hence the “This user’s last post was x months ago…”

You’d need to be the site owner to modify the CSS globally for all users. You can install a browser plugin to disable the CSS just for you if you don’t want to see it.