Setting to disable banners about new or returning users

Is there a setting (and where) to disable banners when new user posts or someone comes back after a while? Like "This is the first time so and so has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Search site settings for ‘return’ to find returning users days , returning user notice tl and new user notice tl.


Thanks. Is it disabling “returning users days” if i set it to nothing? Or should i set it to some very high value?

Notice tl settings let me set trust level which should see these notices. There is no setting to just disable new user notice for everyone?

So, no (and no planned?) setting to completely disable new users banners?

You can set TL4 or use CSS to disable it. Check out this for more info:


Im TL4 user myself, so i still get these banners and they are useless to me (in my case). I don’t have access to CSS and i would prefer a setting instead of such modification.

And it’s not your site (otherwise you could change css) , so you need a user setting to disable it just for you?

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I’m an admin/moderator, but i don’t have access to the server. Ideally i would like a system wide option, but user option will satisfy me too :blush:

That doesn’t make any sense. If you’re the admin then you can add CSS to turn it off using the web interface as described in the link above. (You don’t need ssh access to change this.)


Ah, i’ve only read the quote and didn’t go to that thread and i was under impression CSS will have to be modified on the system. I have added the none snippet and it seems to be working. Thanks.

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