Ability to edit groups (or click Edit Group button) even if you are not logged in?

(Daniela) #1

I was reading this topic Improving the Groups page for 1.7 and visiting this forum https://se23.life/ to see “auto-join” in action when I realized that I can see (and click) the “Edit Groups” button (change text, flair, delete/add users etc…) even if I’m not logged in.

It seems very strange for a user not registered, note that I have not tried to edit anything, I would probably give me an error or permission denied.

Ping to @ChrisBeach for more tests.

(Alan Tan) #2

Yea I noticed the bug. Will fix once I’m back from the holidays. :slight_smile:

(Mohnish G J) #3

Hi @tgxworld , I’m new to the Discourse codebase but I would like to take a look at this issue & see if I could fix it while you are away. Is that ok ?

(Alan Tan) #4

Sure go for it :slight_smile:

(Chris Beach) #5

Good spot @Trash. I just tried editing as a non-logged-in user and got a 404 error (and the edit didn’t persist).

Another minor point: when viewing the group list page as a non-logged-in user, groups are shown as “Closed” which is a little bit misleading. I think it would be nicer if the correct actions “Join” / “Request Membership” were shown, and clicking on them popped up the sign-up dialog (as per the behaviour with the like button).

(Alan Tan) #6

Fixed in

@Trash Thanks for reporting

(Alan Tan) #7

(Alan Tan) #8

@ChrisBeach Fixed as well :slight_smile: