Group management tools show up for all users

Hello if you go to /groups as a normal user you can manage groups all groups I imagine this probably isn’t meant to be happening :sweat_smile:

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We suspect this is a UI problem where that control is showing up when it shouldn’t.

Can you check a few things?

  • try removing me from that group
  • does it still show up if you refresh the page?
  • does it still show up if you do a hard reload?
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Ok, I will try those things now.

Right so the good news is I can’t remove you from the group. Originally I didn’t want to press anything. However the UI still appears after a refresh and hard refresh.

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A few more:

Do the controls only show up for this group?

What browser are you using?

If you log in via Incognito mode, does it still show up?

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it happens to all groups

Chrome - Desktop only. can’t repro on mobile

It still shows in Incognito.

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Ah, @Osama found the problem. This button:


shows up for all users and brings up the group management tools. It shouldn’t be showing up for everyone.


@cvx, can you add that to your list?


Fixed in FIX: Don't show "bulk" icon on group-index for unauthorized users by CvX · Pull Request #12166 · discourse/discourse · GitHub!