Ability to feature groups on the About page

I think it would be nice to be able to feature certain groups on the about page.

It could be used to include groups associated with the forum, for instance a ‘Mentors’ (or Forum Helpers) group. Other groups such as members of core products could also be listed (so on a programming forum, core team members of specific projects that are closely related to the forum - many of these will often have TL4 status enabling them to pin threads, edit posts post news in their dedicated sections, etc).

Also, closely related to this, TL4 could actually be used as a starting point for Category Moderators (and so again a group worthy of being included in the About page).


Instead of some hardcore feature where there is a magic flag on every group and this is database driven, I would far prefer we just sprinkle an outlet or 2 on the about.hbs file and you solve this with a theme component.

At the moment I see no outlets on https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/ead6600f4b175b95b2028e3e0b8f7b7ede9b84e4/app/assets/javascripts/discourse/templates/about.hbs

Can you do a visual mockup on what you are after in the context of your forum so we can figure out where to add the outlet?


Sorry about the delay Sam, here ya go:

(Although there would be different people in each group - though some forums might want to have someone in more than one group).

Edit: Forgot to say, we will need to be able to configure who’s shown in each - for instance, some will be added as moderators but we may not want them listed as a moderator (as they might be a Supervisor or in some cases part of the Helper Team). Some forums might want to do the same with Admins - ie give the user Admin privs but list them as a Supervisor.


Plugin outlets added per:


This gives you 2 options:

  1. You can create a theme component that inserts a static bit of HTML you take care of updating by hand as you see fit.

  2. You can create a plugin that adds information to the serializer and injects the groups dynamically.


Thanks Sam :slight_smile:

When creating/using a theme component for this, can we override all of the current groups - so basically just insert HTML for all of that section? I think that might be the easiest option to get it how we need it.

Yes you can hide built in with css

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Hi @AstonJ @sam
I am willing to give this a shot. is it still available in #pr-welcome?
I am thinking to make a theme component for this which will have 3 component settings

  • Select groups to display on About Page
  • Select the priority of groups (users of higher priority group won’t be displayed in lower one’s)
  • Disable displaying users as per the priority of groups i.e. repetitions of users