Ability to set 'Remind me' topic timer has disappeared...?

On our hosted instance, I just tried to set myself a reminder on a topic for tomorrow. I find that I have half a dozen new timer options, but not the one I’ve been using for years…?

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Reminders have now been merged into the bookmarks feature, so that all users can benefit from them (not just staff). You can find some more info here:


It seems that I must manually un-bookmark topics whose timers have gone off?

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Yes, or you can click the :gear: when creating the bookmark and set it to auto-delete


Just stumbled myself over this problem.

To me it is maximum counter intuitive to place reminders under bookmarks.
If someone wants to set a reminder, he wants to set a reminder, not a bookmark.
If someone wants to set a bookmark, he wants to set a bookmark (like in your browser, i.e. forever, no timely limits), not a reminder.

No doubt that this could be a usefull function for users, but please not under bookmarks.

Can you change that please so that reminders are not shown under bookmarks?


Edit: Reason for my lack of understanding for this change: I’m an admin and I have the option to set a “Topic timer”. I use this to remind me of topics that need attention. To me it is intuitive to have reminders under “Topic timer”.
It is not intuitive to me to have a reminder under Bookmarks.


This will not be changing. If that is unacceptable to you, you may wish to find other free open source software to use.


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