About page hangs/slow to load

This happened with the latest beta release.

A large number of category group review/moderation moderators were added (approximately 338) to a group, which was then assigned to moderate certain categories. With the addition of category mods to the about page, it more or less broke the page. It took several minutes to display the large number of new “staff.” For some users, it failed completely, hung the browser, and had to refresh multiple times to get it to load. Volunteer with experience with Discourse also noted “Although here’s a bit of oddness, the JSON version for API usage loads almost instantly.”

Ultimately had to remove the group as a category mod, removing them from the about page, to get it to load again.

To explain the huge number of moderators: For our use case, we have a large number of local regions. These regions are headed by local volunteers, who by and large were responsible for modding their own regional forum. We have around 900 or so regional representatives who need to be able to moderate their local forum. This is especially critical for non-English-speaking regions.

We’re exploring other options to resolve this for now. Just reporting the issue with the about page!


I think this is yours @Osama?


Can you tell me how many categories this group (of 338 users) was assigned to moderate? Since the JSON API is not the cause of this, I suspect Ember.js trying to render all those users is what’s choking the browser here. So it’d be helpful to know an estimate of the total number of users that the page is trying to render.


At the time we had about 8 or 9, I believe? No more than a dozen. (We’ve added more since, which is why I’m not sure.)


I’m the person @Heather_Dudley mentioned who was using the API. The pulling of the JSON was fairly quick for the size of it.

There were 10 categories at the time including the main category and the subcategories. :slight_smile:


This is fixed in:

This commit has 2 things: 1) the /about page now uses a faster rendering method, and 2) limits the total number of category moderators that are displayed on the /about page to 100. So if there are 4 categories, each one will display up to 25 of its most recently seen moderators.