"About" pages crashing our Discourse

Hello everyone. We have a problem here in our Discourse.

When we enter some of the “About” pages, it simply locks up the tab and the forum breaks (I mean, not literally. It just reload, and reload, and reload… until I close the tab). There is a pattern: All “about” posts that are crashing the forum have been created by “system” user

You can check here two pages:
Created by System
Created by a regular administrator

It’s a brazilian forum. Hope u guys don’t mind it.

What can we do to resolve this issue? What information do we need to pass on to you?

Step one here is to check if this happens in safe mode How to use Discourse Safe Mode


Still no results! The page continues to reload, and reload, and reload, and reload…

Still with problems. There’s some related topic? Don’t find nothing useful…

Workaround is here: