About the howto:moderators category

Per discussion here - is #howto:moderators intended to be limited to tasks that a moderator can complete, without admin/shell access? If so, what do we want to do when a task that a moderator might want to do requires admin/shell access.

One suggestion has been to provide as much detail as possible, then link to the corresponding topic in another #howto category. Thoughts? (@erlend_sh)

I would think those items should go under #howto:admins. Obviously anyone can read those here at Meta so if a mod find something there and can convince their adrin to do it, good for them.

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I’m curious to see if the moderators category sees much activity.

My thinking was to provide a landing spot for new moderators who are still getting familiar with discourse, who may or may not have shell access, or admin rights.

Perhaps just including a note to indicate that a task needs admin or shell. The User Guides topic that I was extending on is probably a rare bird - if you change the setting before your users arrive, or have it set during your import, then you don’t need the CLI.

@erlend_sh and @neil are working on a landing page strategy for the how to category.


Yep, that’s my thinking too. I just haven’t been very strict about it while we’re seeding the new category to get it up on its feet.