Can't Pin Globally

Hello everyone. First time posting, but long-time lurker here.

I have an issue with Pinned topics. When I try to pin globally, it only pins it in the respective category, not in latest on the homepage. The banner pin works fine, but I can’t find the reason why the regular global pin doesn’t work for me anymore. The topic appears as “pinned globally”, but doesn’t display at the top of latest.

Any help is greatly appreciated :pray:

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Have you already read the topic? If so, Discourse automatically unpins topics for you once read by default.

I have, but It appears unpinned even if I log out, use incognito mode or if I check it from another account.


A globally pinned topic may not appear under the Latest column on your homepage if you have the site setting desktop_category_page_style set to Categories and Latest Topics (sort by topic created date), and depending on when it was created. You can change the site setting to Categories and Latest Topics and the pinned topic should be listed at the top!


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