Access to the first post on latest

It seems that you removed an option : when I wanted to access to the first post, we could click on the number of replies, it opened a little navbar and we could access immediatly to the first post.

Now, we I click on this, it just refresh the page.

Is it a bug or a work in progress ?

I think it’s useful to have a way to access the first post of a topic easily, without opening it.

This is a bug I ran into yesterday too @eviltrout. It erratically reprise and is definitely a problem.

Was it in suggested topics @codinghorror?


Still is here on meta (maybe that is what you were getting at, the spotanetity of it)

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Definitely there in Suggested but I’ve seen it happen in the topic list as well. You can see in the above screenshot (it has avatars) that’s the topic list.

I hope 1.6 didn’t ship with this bug, we’d definitely want to backport for this one.

I looked at this yesterday

If you click on the table cell it works as expected, click on the a href, it reloads the page

Pretty sure it shipped


Looks like @sam fixed this yesterday: