Make topics open at start of conversation

Hi, sometimes I open a topic discussion and the page opens at the very bottom of the screen, below even the last conversation of that topic.

How can I adjust so that pages always open at the top, i.e., at the first post? Thank you

When you click on a topic title in the topic list, you’ll be taken to the first post that you haven’t read. This is very specific to you based on what posts you’ve already read in that topic.

If another user, who has a reading state that differs from yours, clicks on the same title, they’ll be taken to their latest unread post, again based on whatever posts they already have read.

What I’m getting at is that Discourse does not just take you to the “very bottom of the screen”, it only navigates to the latest post that the current user hasn’t read.


You could adjust your habit thus:



At the top