Clicking a topic title goes to last post

I have a topic that has many post, when I click enter instead of showing the first post, it shows the last so you have to scroll up.

Is this a bug or discourse is supposed to work like this or there is a feature I can click to force that the post in the topic start from the 1st post not the last

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Hi Dante Dante. :wave:

Discourse is designed to take you to your last read post in a topic. If you’ve read all the posts, it will take you to the last post. This is to help users pick up where they left off in a discussion.

Also, on the right side of the topic, there is a timeline slider that you can use to quickly navigate to the top (or any point) of the topic.


While reading a topic you can also click the topic title at the top to navigate to the first post.

There is also a setting that takes your users to the first post if there are no unread posts Navigate to first post after topics are read, category setting


You can also click/tap the top of the timeline to navigate to the top of the post quickly.

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