Accidental double tap on post approval deleted the post

I have enabled post moderation in our forum, I think I like it a lot.

However, I just went to edit a post’s topic, realized I couldn’t, and hit Cancel.

I think I double tapped accidentally, and the Cancel button was right over the Reject post button… now this post is gone!

Can have the Delete buttons no where near the rest of the moderation controls? :pray:

Can you provide screenshots? really not clear what you are talking about here. Screenshot cropped would help.

Also: bug? Seriously? I suggest you re-read the definition of bug in the category description :wink:

View the initial moderated post

  • Click Edit

  • Scroll down because the window & controls moved

  • Click Cancel,

  • the reject button is directly underneath

Note that these screenshots are from a reply I made to my user after I released his reply

If that’s not a bug, it’s at best something that needs to get fixed:

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I have just updated to v1.3.0.beta9-dirty and when I deleted one post, the next post moved into place immediately.

Anyone who accidentally double taps may not even know they deleted two posts. Maybe a secondary confirmation would be good?

I think an undo is more interesting. And as you brought up, where do these deleted not-posted-yet posts go?


The same double tap issue is present on approvals… I approved my post and had i not been paying attention just have easily approved 2+ posts.

Of course, if I had a lot to do all at once (approve or reject either way) a confirm action could get old too.

If something could be done not to auto-scroll the button from post 2 to where post 1 used to be, that’d be nice.

A confirm action is certainly wrong, I think undo is the way to go here.

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What I love about undo for deletions is that they’ll stay there for a while, preventing the next one from moving into place.

Not sure how it’d work for posts which are approved, unless they are left in the list until a manual page refresh as well.

In any case, yes :heavy_plus_sign: :one: for undo.

Maybe we can get Approvals as a featured aspect in 1.7?