Undo a rejected post/topic

We have a category that requires mod approval before a new topic is accepted. I accidentally rejected one of those pending approval and I want to undo that rejection. I can see the rejection in the moderator log, but I cannot find any way to undo the rejection. How can I do this?

I haven’t tried it with rejected topics, but if you know the user you can most likely access it by visiting their profile and clicking or tapping on the deleted post indicator at the top of their profile.

This will reveal the deleted topic and you can un-delete it via the admin wrench.

In your admin dashboard you can search for post rejected, click “Show” to see the details of the post (author + topic title + content). When you know the topic title you can enter it and restore the post rejected.

If you reject the first post (aka a topic) there is no way to restore it from the UI.

In the last case because you are a moderator, the easiest thing that you can do is open a PM with the user and send him the content of the rejected topic asking to create a new topic (that you will approve).


I know who the user is (and even if I didn’t, I can find it in the logs), but I don’t see a “deleted post” item in their public or moderator profile.

Thanks. That’s what I ended up doing (asking the OP to resubmit the topic).

Is there any chance you may add the ability to restore a rejected topic?

I think I accidentally found a way around this today - I went in and manually moved two rejected posts into another category, and they seemingly came back into existence. Users of a TL0 and higher were able to see as well, so it wasn’t a modview situation.

(either that, or this is expected behavior and I totally missed something along the way)


I think this is still an area that could be made easier to handle through the UI. I’ll slide it over to feature and bookmark it for a test run-through to see if anything has changed since it was first posted. :+1:

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