Deleting a post should require confirmation

We have had several users experiencing problems with accidentally deleting posts (especially while on mobile – on most mobile browsers, the delete button renders in a spot that is very easy to hit with your right thumb while scrolling). As is, the delete post operation does not prompt for any confirmation (as opposed to editing or creating a new post, which requires a minimum of two clicks, in different spots within the UI).

I realize this isn’t exactly an earth shattering pain point, since you have the option to “undelete” the post for quite some time (24 hours with the default config)… but it has caused us some rather spectacular issues in our forum games category, where there is a global rule against editing posts (for game continuity reasons), and the delete button is basically an instant, irrevocable edit pencil on the post.

I have confirmed via that the delete button functions without a confirmation prompt on the current version.

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I don’t support this since a) undeleting is easy b) first report of this as a problem across all Discourse instances.

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You can make it a two click operation by making sure delete is one of the post menu hidden items in the Admin > Settings area.


This is a good point, shouldn’t that already be the case??

For example on my post above:

I see no delete button by default, is this a problem from mobile?

Perhaps because I am a moderator. Let me try as a regular user.

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Hm. I guess I didn’t think about the fact that we’re quite likely to have had a customization in place on our side. I’ve escalated your information to our admins and will let you know what the result is, thanks for the help.

And to answer @codinghorror’s question… I see the delete key on desktop but it’s behind the … menu on mobile for me here. So probably a customization / option change we have in place on my home forum.

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Screenshot from mobile (definitely can be two clicks with the above setting I mentioned)

No problems, hopefully it works out for you.

Yeah confirmed you guys have mucked with defaults here. This is me as a new user on Try:

Note that delete is not visible. I suggest reverting to Discourse defaults in this area.

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I did confirm that the post menu hidden items settings was modified from defaults. We’re testing how things work with the settings changed back, and you can close this request.