Accidentally Archived PMs

Good afternoon, all.

We had a weird issue pop up today, though it’s still unclear as to why it happened. While doing some end-of-year archiving on our forums, we got a message from some of our users saying that we had archived a few of their PMs. I’ve compared the ID numbers of PMs that they referenced to our logs and they, indeed, did get archived at the same time as our other bulk operations. But I can’t figure out how that could have happened since I was just querying off of the main search function this morning when selecting threads to process. I also confirmed that we don’t have any logged “check PM” entries in our log for the messages in question.

At least one of the PMs in play was originally started from another topic that was archived a couple weeks ago. But that doesn’t really explain why the PM just now got archived.

Do any of you have any thoughts as to why this might happen? I think the only bulk operation I did this morning was searching for all closed topics on the forum, selecting all, and then archiving them (after clearing a few that didn’t need to be archived). I went back through and re-ran the query again a few minutes ago to ensure that we didn’t get any unexpected entries and everything looked normal.