Bulk archive of group PMs doesn't work

Since the recent update to the PMs UI to have more bulk actions, bulk archiving doesn’t work. I get a notice saying “See 2 new or updated topics”, but when I click it all the messages are still there.

There’s no errors in the browser console or the forum error log that I can see.



@techAPJ can you sort this out?

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I am unable to repro this issue on latest Discourse version on local dev env or here on meta. Bulk archiving PMs from /u/{username}/messages works fine for me.

Can you update your Discourse instance to latest version and see if you can still repro this issue @Dannii?

Still doesn’t work on latest. I’m trying it in a group inbox rather than personal though.

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Okay, I can repro this for group inbox. Will fix.


Fixed via:

Thanks for reporting this issue @Dannii. :+1:

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