Actions sometimes randomly reload the whole page instead of reloading only part of it

I’ve been experiencing this for a few days… Or weeks?

Sometimes, when I click on a regular action (open a topic, go to the last post, post a reply, etc…), the page fully reloads when the URL changes, when usually it doesn’t.

It’s very random and I don’t know if it’s related to Discourse or my browser (or maybe one of its plugins)… And since it’s so random, I’m a bit lazy to use another browser for some time to see if it continues to happen.

However, I have an example. Here, I post a reply and the page fully reloads after posting my reply, when the URL changes to add my post number:

Does anyone experience this as well?


Yes I experienced this too. I think it is happening when the site just updated from admin and reload it to the new version?


Yeah exactly - this happens when Discourse is updated. Rather than instantaneously refresh all browsers, we do the refresh on your next ‘page navigation’ to minimise disruption.

It happens much more frequently here on Meta because we automatically run an update for every single commit to tests-passed.



Thanks, that answered a couple of questions I’d had myself. :slight_smile: