Refreshing everytime I open a topic

This started today, as is really annoying to me. Every time I open topic from /latest (my home page) the site reloads. Switching topics from within topics is fine, but home page is not. Just double checked this, any way I open a topic (EXCEPT for notifications or on-topic links), it reloads.


Did you try safe mode?


  • reloading
  • safe mode, as the reply above me says
  • closing out and trying again
  • site settings (sorry, I don’t own a forum so I don’t know)

Still occurs, I just checked. Also, this is happening to me here on Meta, Samsung Android 13 phone, Chrome.

Discourse is doing that one for me :upside_down_face:

No effect

Closing my browser?
EDIT: Just force-closed and re-opened chrome and that didn’t do anything.

NA, as this is happening on Meta to me, and not elsewhere.

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Oh, this is happening to me too, but I don’t know how to fix it :man_shrugging:

[insert painful noises here]

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I am also getting this issue. Seems to just display this for 2-3 seconds before anything loads.


Thanks for the reports - we’re working on a fix :eyes:

Looks like it’s only affecting sites with the ‘mixed text direction’ site setting enabled.


Fixed via FIX: global selector needed to avoid clicks registering on other elem… · discourse/discourse@6d57da1 · GitHub


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