Discourse keeps refreshing images and content

For some reason, whenever i visit a discourse-powered forum, the page refreshes and their content for some as i dont know why. The existing discourse powered accounts i have are


This is really confusing at some point.


Go to a discourse powered forum eg: community.icecavern.xyz
Wait some seconds
You should see that the page has refreshed its content.

Nobody has posted this and i thought i would post it here.

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No issue for me. Did you try with another browser or device?


Firefox is the only one i can use today since all of my browsers are lagging and my devices are dead.

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Works properly, i.e. no refresh, with Firefox 103.0.2.

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You forgot one! :slight_smile:

As this is not happening to you here on Meta, nor for anyone else (I checked with multiple browsers), I don’t think this is a bug.

@ANormalUser, one thing to try is using those sites in safe mode. That might help you identify if there is something specific to those sites for logged in users that is blocking in your browser. :+1:


It looks like he linked my site. If it helps at all, we’re on the latest commit of tests-passed

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