Reloading issue on every topic

To view every topic, the page always has to reload multiple times now before you can take any further action on/really even begin to read said topic. This wasnt really an issue before, but now it takes quite a bit for multiple users. It is only an issue on mobile though, and not on PC. What could possibly be the issue? (Sorry if I did this wrong, I’m new to this :sweat_smile:)

I am sorry, I don’t understand. Can you reproduce this issue on meta, if so what browser are you using.

Hiya Sam, I’m replying as a user of the same site as snart who has also encountered this issue.

We’re not fully sure of discourse terms yet so apologies if I misunderstood your question. The page trying to load multiple times issue does not happen when tested on meta (I’m assuming meta means this particular site?).

On our site when we click on a topic it will load it, but a few seconds later the page reloads itself despite having already been loaded. The browser we have noticed the issue on is Chrome.

If I still haven’t explained it properly I could try to upload a screen recording of it, if that would help to clarify things.

Is this instance installed using our official cloud install? Any custom plugins?

We’re using the docker image and multiple plugins, some examples of the ones we use:

Try in safe mode. Could be a problem with your theme / css, etc.

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