Activating approval in a topic that is not current

Hello. I am looking for a solution that allows us to make a topic needing approval if the latest post in that topic is n days old, disregarding the user’s trust level. Is it currently possible to do this?

What I mean:

  • User creates a topic.
  • Topic has posts as usual.
    • Some trust levels do not need approval for their posts in this topic.
  • Last post in the topic is now n days old and the option is triggered.
  • If any user -regardless of their trust level- makes a new post in this topic, moderators will be informed (with “requires approval”).
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It doesn’t exactly meet what you are asking for, but you can partially accomplish this by using the auto-close setting in a category to close the topic X hours after the last reply:


Users could then flag the topic for re-opening.


Thank you. I proposed this to our moderators and waiting their answer.

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We will use this, thanks!

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