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Is there any plugin or any way to detect if a user is using adblock and force to deactivate to be able to use the site?



You can use BlockAdBlock. More details at and example at


I wish, someday site admins and publishers will change their minds on this ugly paywall strategy. Micro payments, especially as a donation for post authors, would be great. Just next to the :heart: button.

I guess, if every community core team member, like those of Discourse would be sooo nice and helpful, they will automatically become rich and famous :wink:

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That seems like a great idea to me. So many people try to use Adblockers when Non-profit organizations need the money badly. It’s kinda screwed up.

We don’t try. We just do it, because …

  1. It’s our time (and concentration) and not yours.
  2. It’s our privacy, and not marketing raw data.
  3. If someone asks you to place ads on your (…whatever…), would you accept their terms without even reading/knowning them? Without being paid? Without knowing what happens in background processes?

In my opinion, informational self-determination should be a human right. It’s just illegal (in many ways) to obey visitors (= you have no contract with!) to run ghost scripts, save cookies (=modify their personal computer), and manipulate them to buy certain products or services.

Sure, its easy to implement such snippets and make money. But you also lose trust and show your site visitors (and contributors), that you’re selling them.

  • Just ask them to donate.
  • Make it easy and secure (Paypal, Flattr, …?)
  • Especially as non-profit: Publish a financial transparency report.

However, I won’t close any deal with people I don’t trust and who are selling me even before I decide myself for any kind of product. A website is just a business card. Sometimes more or less. But if you can’t effort to run a server for a few bugs per month, maybe you should quit or think about what’s wrong on your business model. :wink:


Look, I’m not trying to start a fight or anything, but I’m not saying saving cookies, scanning your browser, and monitoring your actions is right in any way, I dislike that period, but what I am saying is that those few, clean, and neat Non-profit Organizations deserve something if they make little or no money. So just disable your Adblocker, but if it’s to invasive or it doesn’t seem like their making little or no money, then just turn it back on, but be wary of those great low income Non-profits and what they go through just for you and me, and the rest of everyone here.

It’s like saying: "Hey man, open your front door, let the marketing (/ business / etc) people in… they do their job, you won’t even notice them… and then they go and you could close the door. "

I fully understand the need of money to run a business / non-profit.
But why are you not simply asking them to donate?

Second, If you’re non-profit project is related to the real world …
Why don’t you pick up the money from certain stakeholders?

If some non-profit project is awesome, it’s ok for me to get reminded to donate. Some software projects distributing e.g. their App on the AppStore for free and offering in-app-purchases to support them. And due to this, they got benefits and extra features.

Show your community that they are special and worthful.

Sugar instead of the ( ad / paywall) whip :wink:

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Alright, I am completely fine with your view. I think that it would be appropriate instead of ads, or junk all over. I respect your argument, and I could see that as another way of making money instead of forcing people to help them make a profit.


Yes I don’t think we need to have the whole “is adblocking morally and technically defensible” argument here, that has been done many many times elsewhere and there are lots of good links to read on both sides, one quick Google search away :wink:


Thanks everyone for the feedback provided! I also wish people would make donations to support the site, but unfortunately that’s not easy, while some ad click might be easier to achieve (maybe i’m wrong). I would also like to use specific campaigns for my audience, not just some random advertisement but I guess that adblockers will block any kind of script that looks like an ad.
Also, I would like to just give the option to people to remove adblock, but still be able to navigate the site if they prefer not to have ads.
thanks again everyone!

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A nice debate (I mean it).

I’d like to implement BlockAdBlock on my Discourse installation. I’ve tried using the official ad-plugin, but I guess it’s not how it works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !