Add a Close and Un-assign option to the Assignments page

We close assignment topics when they are complete because it seems like that’s how we can mark something as “done”. I think it may be helpful to have a Close and Un-assign option on the Assignments page, or just a Close option (because I realize that some people will choose not to automatically unassign something when a topic is closed).

If it’s assigned and open, how do you know it’s ready to be closed before entering the topic? It looks like you’re using tags for status… does one person add a “completed” tag and someone else closes it?

There is an existing unassign on close setting that’s disabled by default… would it work to enable that and close the topic, which would then trigger the unassign?

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Your question made me realize that I’m asking the wrong question.

What I’m really asking is, how might we use the Assign plug-in to meet the following need:

  • We use the Kanban theme component on tag mode to track the project status of each assignment. We currently move a topic to #done when it’s complete.

  • We use Assign to track who’s responsible for which assignment.

Where things get tripped up is when someone completes an assignment. What happens is we move an assignment to done, and then at the point we want it de-emphasized and or removed from someone’s list of assigned topics.

As I’m writing this out, I’m thinking maybe I’m just over complicating things. Maybe yes, we’ll just always change the tag status, then we’ll need to close the topic and or unassign next and actually needing to decide what topic controls to add is a good thing…

In this case, what I’m really wanting then, is for someone not to be able to close a topic unless they’ve first updated the tag to the appropriate one but I’m thinking now maybe the solution will just have to be good training…

Thanks for letting me think “out loud”. Let me know if you think I missed anything.